CBDistillery GG#4 Review – Is This CBD Vape Pen Worth Every Penny?

At this point, many experienced users of CBD be aware the buzz about CBD vape pencils. Discrete and fast-acting, this general newcomer to the CBD scene has gained quite the loyal following – as well as valid reason. With perhaps the quickest consumption price of most ingestion techniques, it really is no real surprise that vape brands are showing up left and right prepared to make does cbd gummies get you high a title on their own within the booming industry. My CBDistillery GG#4 review put the vape pen towards the ultimate test – could it be well worth a purchase?

My introduction towards the CBD vape world continues to be fairly brand new, but after a amazing experience last week attempting CBD Luxe’s “Be Alert” pen, we headed to my nearby CBD shop to offer some more brands a go. I made the decision to check out CBDistillery’s pen next. I haven’t had much personal experience with their products although they are fairly established in the CBD world. We figured this could be the right possibility to provide the famous brand name an attempt, if it lived up to the glowing reviews so I grabbed the 200mg GG#4 disposable vape and headed home, ready to see.

Something that stood off to me personally relating to this item ended up being the Tec that is unique Temper formula used, that based on their site is “arguably an improved option to other cutting agents, including triple distilled MCT oil.” Developed with a blend of terpenes and antioxidants, I happened to be wanting to see if this vaping experience will be any unique of others I experienced recently tried.

The very first thing I noticed once I attempted the merchandise had been the flavor, which felt oddly harsh set alongside the other CBD pencils I had recently evaluated. As I had anticipated while it wouldn’t be fair to compare the taste to that of CBD Luxe’s flavored line, it wasn’t as smooth. This amazed me considering that the Tec Temper formula was advertised as delivering a “smoother vaping experience.”

When you look at the scheme that is grand of though, there clearly was just one thing that certainly mattered in this CBDistillery GG#4 review – the general effectiveness of this item. The calming effects were almost instantaneous as with most CBD vapes. I didn’t experience the high level of focus I had with the last brands I tested while I certainly felt better after a few puffs. Additionally it is well well worth noting that my main reason behind making use of CBD would be to relax my overactive brain, therefore while this most likely wouldn’t be my quantity one option in pencils for me, we cannot say exactly the same for the people looking for respite from real signs.

Overall, people seem to like this product really, and also at an acceptable $28 for 200mg, I’m able to properly state that i’m content with this purchase.