The best free photo editor is GIMP – a powerful and feature-packed open source program that’s the closest thing you’ll get to a free version of Photoshop. It offers more tools than some paid-for photo editors, supports layers, masks and plugins, and even lets you work with Photoshop PSD documents. The plug-ins in nik multimedia’s Color Efex Pro 2.0 provide up to 75 professional-quality filters that let you reproduce or go way beyond traditional lens effects. For example, the red filter enhances skin tones, the blue filter improves blue colors and brightens skies, and the green filter makes foliage much greener—all without affecting the rest of the photograph. DC Special Plugin Filters – Freeware special effects and layering filters for Adobe photoshop Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other compatible graphic photoshop programs.

It is a very clever group of lengthy Photoshop scripts tied to one-click buttons on grouped Photoshop® panels, which all work together to make dramatic images as quickly and easily as possible. TopazLabs are well-known for their awesome library of Photoshop plugins and their B&W effects add-on is simply fantastic. This plugin uses a unique black and white conversion engine that puts an emphasis on texture, tone, and contrast to provide some absolutely stunning effects. The plugin is split into 8 different collections with over 200 different filters presets – you can fine tune each filter too and adjust various aspects such as clarity, contrast, and tone. This image editing filter allows you to extract tone profiles from black and white toned images.

  • Use it to adjust the blur, axis and offset angle, zoom, and color, as well as select a preset shadow effect, such as Cast in Front, Flat Faint, and Rear shadow.
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  • Lokas Software has only one free Photoshop filter, called 3D Shadow.
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It’s an easy way to obtain tone profiles from your favorite photos. In Photoshop, a plug-in is a set of components that adds specific effects to a motion picture or still pictures. There are a lot of filters and plugins available in web for great multimedia softwares like Photoshop, Avid, FCP, Aperture etc.

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by Steve Taylor, October 1, 2012 For those in need of a broad toolset that provides a nearly complete set of effects and filters, take a good look at Boris Continuum Complete 8. With more than 200 effects, you’ll surely find yourself with no shortage of ways to raise the production value of your projects. The perspective correction tool is probably what most photographers will use Perspective Efex for. Normally, it’s very challenging to achieve perfectly vertical or horizontal lines in your images when photographing subjects such as buildings or other geometric objects.

DigiEffects – Digital special effects software for professional artists, web sound editing software plugins designers and image editing video producers. Stoik Software – PM Art gallery and PM Rubber collection of plugins art and photoshop deformation special effects for Photoshop plugins and video editors. With the June 2020 update, you get the ability to make local hue adjustments, rather than having to change the hue values for the whole image. The tool now lets you have more than one adjustment panel open, and you can switch between vertical and horizontal filmstrip thumbnail views. You can also create presets based on images’ ISO settings and do panorama merges from a right-click.

Here are a few examples that were all corrected automatically using Perspective Efex. The fun part is that if you select ‘Camera Kit’ under ‘Build a Camera’ you can apply a series of effects and create a treatment to apply to other images in the future. If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, you can really lose yourself in the creative process. The StudioMagic I & II Compositing Plugins for Photoshop® Bundle caught my attention as much for what it’s not, than for what it is. It’s not a collection of actions or a big pile of filters to further clutter up your Photoshop panels.

by Heath McKnight, June 2010 Boris FX is considered a leader in effects plug-ins for major Video Production Software apps from companies like Apple, Adobe, Sony Creative Software, Avid and others. One of their popular effects set is the Boris Continuum Complete , which is up to version 6 for Apple apps, and version 7 for Adobe After Effects. It contains over 200 creative filters plus transitions, an excellent set of chroma key tools and more.

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You’d either have to photograph them dead on or use a tilt-shift lens. Perspective Efex’s perspective correction tool makes applying perspective adjustments to images exhibiting keystoning effects a snap. The auto perspective correction worked consistently well throughout our tests. If for some reason you do run into issues using the auto perspective correction, there are plenty of manual adjustments available as well.

This plugin is geared towards adding drama, colors, and impressions. It is great for fixing dull and plain images because it offers quite bold changes. When it comes to choosing Lightroom plugins, they are very popular since they add specific features not built into the original system and they also enable various customizations. A free alternative to Adobe Lightroom, this free software allows you to edit and organize your photos, with one-click filters for correcting batches of images.